Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Live Rewrite work on any site?

The simple answer is if there is a login page, it probably won`t work for you. Technically Live Rewrite requires FTP access and .htm or .html files. Any content on a website that is dynamic is going to cause issues

What happens when the trial expires?

At the end of the trial if you don`t signup for the given plan you will be automatically downgraded to the Basic plan. The monthly change limit will start on the day your account is downgraded.

How long am I able to restore a page?

Restore data is kept as long as you are a paid subscriber. On the basic plan we will keep these available for a minimum of 2 hours after the backup.

Are my site details safe?

All data transmitted to our server is encrypted using industry standard security and encryption. All passwords, both your Live Rewrite and any sites your store are stored encrypted in our database for maximum protection.

How does Live Rewrite work?

Its a short process with just a few steps.

  1. After you sign-up we ask you for your website username and password.
  2. We then add an invisible block of code to the bottom of every single page on your website
  3. When you visit your website and logged into Live Rewrite we add a toolbar at the bottom of your site which you can use to start editing.
  4. All changes are transmitted securely back to our servers where we make the required updates via FTP

What are the requirements for Live Rewrite?

All that you need is your FTP details. If you don`t know your FTP details or are unsure, just give us the email address of someone who will know them and we can help get it setup for you.

Where is Live Rewrite based?

It is built and run by Bruce Aldridge in Christchurch, New Zealand

I need help!

We can assist you in multiple ways:

You can send us an email
Or call us on +64 3 281 7990

As we are based in New Zealand there maybe a delay in getting back to you due to timezone differences.