About Live Rewrite

How long would you keep up with a website that fails to attract and hold back your audience? If your website isn’t giving you good leads it’s of no use. You need to do something about it immediately or else you and your business will suffer terribly. Imagine yourself, what good is a website to you if it isn’t getting you good leads and customers?

So what should you do? At Live Rewrite, we give you the opportunity to edit your website online. Simply put, Live Rewrite is a web based application using which you can easily edit your website online. Because we understand the financial and technical barriers business owners might face while getting their websites updated, we give them this cost effective solution to easily edit their websites to their liking and not worry about wasting their money at all.

We understand how the audience reacts if the web content is out of date on a site or a blog. Of course who would like to visit a stale website that hardly gets updated? So yes, say goodbye to expensive web updating and let Live Rewrite do the job for you.

Bruce Aldridge, the name behind Live Rewrite also understood and got frustrated with the same problem. Being a web developer by profession, Bruce decided to build Live Rewrite and help people update their websites themselves without having to worry about expenses.

Today, Live Rewrite has become a great resource for people looking forward to maintaining updated websites and offering fresh content to captivate their audience. You can too use Live Rewrite to update your website from the scratch and always present fresh content to your audience.